Florida gated communities are known to many people from all over the world. They are mostly what you see as the houses of celebrities and other millionaires or billionaires who can afford the lavish and large houses. With all these celebrities and other hot shots around you, any person who also has dreams of climbing up that social ladder can consider these communities as a stepping stone into their dreams. Although these houses are far from what my budget can afford at the moment, I am not surprised at the moments when I dream of owning one of the exclusive houses that is the envy of everyone.


Fun In Florida

To have a taste of what it would be like to own a house in one of these exclusive communities, one should at least try and visit the Sunshine State of Florida itself. The state is known worldwide as a popular tourist destination and does in fact welcome almost sixty million people every year. People come here to enjoy the sunny beaches along its coast. For other water activities, you can even go on boat rides along its waterways and even put in some fishing action.Floridais also home to theEverglades, one of the world heritage sites that people from all over the world visit to experience. If all this nature adventure is not enough for you, you can definitely have some fun atFlorida’s world-renowned theme parks that include the Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort.


Inside Florida Gated Communities

Imagine living at the center of all these attractions. Certainly, this is where homeowners ofFlorida’s exclusive communities are. They have access to the beach, all the resorts, and the luxuries of the city. In fact, some communities even have their own stretch of beach as part of their property. Large is not even enough to describe these communities because some of them house their own golf course, along with huge and luxurious swimming pools, complete with gyms and spas. Living in these communities is like living in a private resort that you share with only a few hundred people. Even with all these luxuries on board, members of these gated communities actually make their own paradise homes. The place is so complete with everything you may need and want that most residents spend a lot of their time just inside the community walls.


A Break-In In Florida Gated Communities

There was a news article I read a few months back, about a burglary that occurred in one of these exclusive neighbourhoods. It was so quiet and peaceful that the homeowners did not even realize that they were being broken into. It was only on the morning after that they found their television set, some laptops, and other items were carried away. Although the homeowners admitted that they forgot to set up their alarm system and probably even failed to lock the doors properly, the reaction from the community was a bit too much.


Community Reacts

Florida Gated CommunitiesThe homeowner association manager immediately release notices informing homeowners that while they make the community as safe as possible for everyone, people should still always be on their guard. An eight-foot iron fence was even installed to seal the opening in the back wall of the property, and additional evening patrol guards were hired to keep watch on the eight-block neighbourhood. Although it is common for people to be more careful and vigilant after being broken into, it seems that some members of Florida gated communities get too carried away and turn to paranoid and even hysterical efforts.